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Made Of Pixels Volume 1

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A story of irreparable loss. A new memoir that will take you through a plethora of sensations and feelings. A true life story that starts in the "ghettos" of old 1970 Bucharest and paints a very interesting portrait of that specific time when communism was still present. The story is not afraid to deliver the truth and it's doing it by telling the author's experience as it happened even though it's not easy to digest every time. The memoir's scope is to walk you through the lifestyle of that time, it's a very unique story that has a bit of mystery, comedy, drama and romance. Miss Gabriela narrates an easy to read book with lot's of meaning, find out how two girls struggled to live a normal life before and after communism.

Made Of Pixels Volume 2

Preorder until March 2022

In this volume we will dig deep into the webcam industry and we will tell behind the scenes stories. We will also find out how I met for the second time my love life.
Volume two will be available in March 2022. You can preorder it from Amazon.

MADEOFPIXELS V21 flatten (1).jpg